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Efficiency through co-operation

evagor gmbh maintains a network of 13 offices in 7 countries, as well as correspondents. In these they represent approximately 35 companies.
Numerous suppliers of the latest technologies from Europe and the USA, together with partner banks in Germany, Russia, Europe, USA, Kazakhstan, the Asian region and Vietnam are incorporated in this network.
evagor staff possess excellent knowledge of technical and commercial matters. They are able to communicate in up to 10 languages. Additional specialists may also be incorporated on a project-to-project basis.
Close relations to the fields of politics in the target regions, to trade associations and private and public companies is a fundamental aspect of our work. The fact that almost all of the projects that we support have an influence on local economic development means that co-operation with central and regional government is of considerable importance. evagor is an acknowledged expert in this political engineering, relation management and lobbying, together with the development of investment projects, including under difficult circumstances.